Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lone Wolf to tour USA!

Hi everyone!

I won't lie to you by saying that i wasn't hoping today i'd anounce a mercury nomination, but such is life, and luckily it ties in beautifully with the news that i do have for you!

I have great pleasure to announce that in August i will be touring the USA in support of my pals, and now as of today Mercury nominees Wild Beasts!

It's only 4 dates, but i'm gonna be over there for a couple of weeks doing promo and stuff so hit me up USA!

These are the dates:

Aug 6th @ The Empty Bottle - CHICAGO
Aug 9th @ The Mod Club - TORONTO
Aug 11th @ Highline Ballroom - NEW YORK
Aug 13th El Rey Theatre - LOS ANGELES

WOOOOO!!!!! See you stateside!

Congratulations to Wild Beasts! Lets hope they take it all the way and bring that prize home!

xxPaul Mxx

1 comment:

  1. Paul,

    Just wanted to let you know your new record is UN-BELIEVEABLY GOOD!! I noticed on Phil Selway's page you were touring with him, so I figured I would check it out, if you are with Phil it HAS to be good. I listened to HALF of one song this morning on your myspace and immediately went to iTunes and downloaded your record. Best purchase I have made in quite some time. I really wish you were in the US a bit longer would have loved to bring you to Knoxville, TN to do a show with my new solo project. Anyway, keep it up man, your an amazing song-writer. It is quite refreshing with a load of the crap that has been out recently.


    Gene Priest