Wednesday, 23 February 2011

An new house made of web coming soon...

Hi all.

I am sick to death of myspace.

I will continue to ramble on Facebook and Twitter. Music already released will be available on and Bandcamp etc, but I am currently in the process, with the help of my best friend Rob Wills, of building a new website.

This blog will be integrated into it and it will still be under the same address. But when it is complete it will be here and only here that you will find the most up to date news, dates, sounds, photos etc.

I think Myspace, Facebook etc have actually taken away the importance, and personal nature of a band's website. I want to be able to welcome you to my own part of the web in which you will find treats that i personally have chosen to give you.
Of course i always reply to you on twitter and facebook, but on my website you will always see/hear/read what i have chosen to give you and you can't get much more personal than that.

Coming soon!

xxPaul Mxx