Friday, 28 May 2010

Lone Wolf vs Blue Roses FIGHT NITE!

Hello all.

Apologies for my lack of bloggisms for the past week or so. Since the album came out i've been a busy bee. Up and down between Leeds and London like a yoyo.

The first thing was for the Stag and Dagger fest in shorditch last friday where me Jon and James played as a 3 piece for the first time. The venue was very small and HOT! We played well but i was more bemused by something that had never happened before... DANCING! People were dancing to Lone Wolf i shit you not. When we got to the last song (which on this occasion was The Devil And I (Part 2)), i uttered, "Try dancing to this one" into the mic before we started. And guess what. They danced. All be it very slowly! So if you are reading this and were one of the dancers in question, i thank you personally! :)

The next day was a helluva lot of fun. We went to BBC Broadcasting house and played on Radio 4's loose ends with none other than that awesome Clive Anderson. See pic below taken from my own fair iphone, what a pose:

We were told, albeit a couple of days prior that we had to cut 'Keep Your Eyes on the Road' down to 3.30. So we basically chopped lots out of it and then played it about 100bpm faster. I think it's still up here on iplayer if you want to hear our turbo version: its about 32 mins in. You also get to hear what i sound like when i have just got out of bed. :)

One of the best things about that show was meeting the wonderful Nick Frost. Probably unknown to many of you that beneath this shady exterior there is a comedian waiting to get out. Myself and my best pal Rob have been writing sketches for years and we are dying to make a sketch show. So being a massive fan of Big Train, Look Around You, Brass Eye, Partridge, Spaced (i could go on but you know i basically mean the GOOD STUFF) to meet Nick Frost was a good thing. He approached us (as did actor Richard Coyle who also turned out to be a bloody nice bloke) to say how much he enjoyed our performance and naturally i thought he was just being polite. But he was then nice enough to say that 'The Devil And I' was his new favourite album on 6music the other day so i think i can safely put Nick in my file containing 'bloody nice blokes' that i keep next to my computer. Nice one Nick! I was going to post an image of one of my favourite characters of his that i spoke to him about, however i wouldn't suggest typing 'Hot John' into google image search.

So anyway onto the title of this blog. Lone Wolf is going to be taking a slightly different guise for a few gigs this summer including tomorrows Sheffield gig with The Invisible and next weeks gig in London with Arab Strap's Aidan Moffatt.
Myself and the wonderfully talented Laura Groves aka Blue Roses are heading out on the road as a two piece version. We have altered some of the songs slightly to give them a new identity when it's her and i playing. For example, when we play 'Soldiers' its a bit of a slower more minimal affair with me playing piano rather than guitar etc. I won't say too much and spoil it for you but i'm really excited about it and very happy to be working with her. She's a great person with an amazing sense of humour so we get on like a house on fire. So yeah, come and check us out.

I have a lot of news regarding the video for next single 15 letters, but i'm going to have to save that for the next blog. It's very exciting! So i'll just leave you with a still from it:

Take care everyone and love you all!

xxPaul Mxx aka the lonely wolf


  1. waaaaaaaaoooooo!! You and Laura playing together?That's gonna be awesome! Plus amazing still from the video, when do we get to see the full thing? x

  2. Yeah i can't wait! First gig with her tomorrow so i should probably get to bed!

    I will reveal all about 15 Letters soon. Theres omething possibily very special out there for someone to get hold of as a result of watching the video very carefully. But more news soon... ;)