Friday, 9 April 2010


Hi everyone.

I decided to reach far outside the realms of myspace, facebook, and twitter to find a place where i can actually talk to you personally.

The 'official' Lone Wolf website is under construction but in the meantime i will be blogging here to let you know what i'm up to.

This is an absolute joy to be honest. Sometimes i have so much to tell you and i simply cannot fit it into a restriction of 140 characters, and i end up sending about 5 tweets just to say 'tonights gig was excellent!'. But seeing as i just did it in 27 characters, i don't know if it would be an improvement to Twitter to give you more letters, or a lesson that i need to stop rambling. Talking of which....

So "What the hell is going on Lone Wolf?" i hear you cry...

Well after your amazing response to the video for 'Keep Your Eyes On The Road', my friend and super director Ashley Dean is currently hard at work on the new video for the next single. Although i'm tempted to reveal everything about this i feel like i should keep it under wraps somewhat for the time being. This is my first post after all and so i can't tell you EVERYTHING!? What i can reveal is that it is going to be amazing. If you follow brokenpixelchat on twitter you will get to see photos from the set almost every day.

But what i can tell you is that after my solo tour with Wild Beasts, im happy that the full band is now going back into rehearsals for our forthcoming Live At Leeds appearance. Seeing as the band is such a god damn supergroup, I have to swap members every now and then. On this occasion the very selfish Lins Wilson of Grammatics fame has other engagements and so we will be bringing in the talents of one of the most treasured faces of Leeds, my good friend Wu, former frontman of the now defunct 'This Et Al'. I think this will be Wu's first time on stage since the demise of This Et Al, So we are still managing to keep our supergroup status.

We are going to be playing at Leeds' most amazing Brudenell Social Club at 6pm on May 1st which will be our first Leeds appearance since we supported Shearwater back in Feb.

So anyway, I could bombard you with a ton of news, but for the time being i'll let you make yourselves comfortable.

Speak soon

xxPaul Mxx

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